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The Redditch History Society is a local community group, formed in 2009, which aims to provide a range of monthly history presentations, both local and more general, to promote the history of our town, both within the area and more widely, and to encourage members to investigate, document and promote the history of Redditch and the surrounding area. We have ten Monthly Meetings throughout the year from February to December (we have no meeting in January or August). Nine of the meetings have the same format with a speaker for the first hour followed by tea/coffee and biscuits (a small charge applies). The April meeting is our Annual General Meeting and includes a history film.
The society supports and encourages members to: Create presentations/talks concerning their interests and we are always happy for members to give their talks at our meetings. Produce articles/books on local history. We are pleased to publish short articles in our quarterly Newsletter. Carry out research into our local and regional history. Of course, we are happy to have members who simply wish to listen to a monthly talks. This is the majority of our members and we are grateful that they support us.
The society publishes an eight page Newsletter ten times a year to correspond to our ten meetings. August and January are included in the July/August and December/January editions.
Promoting the history of the area since 2009
The newsletter has updates, a meeting report, including the presentation, activities, news, information on the next meeting, and short articles written by members and supporters. Issues of our newsletters can be found at Newsletter
We meet at the Oasis Christian Centre in Plymouth Road on the second Monday of the month (except for changes due to national celebrations etc). Meetings begin at 2.00 pm. Membership costs £20 per year, which includes entry to all meetings. Non members are welcome to attend our meetings and a charge of £4 is made. This is refundable against the membership fee if joining at the meeting. Our programme of meetings for the current year can be found at Programme of Meetings
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We have ten Monthly Meetings throughout the year beginning in February and finishing in December (we have no meetings in January and August). The nine meetings all have the same format. We have a speaker for the first hour, a refreshment internal for tea/coffee and biscuits and this is followed by updates on our activities. Non members are encouraged to attend these meetings. The exception is our Annual General Meeting, where we elect our officers and committee and make major decisions for the future. This is followed by a film on local/regional history. Programme of Meetings Since we formed the Society in 2009, we have had an Exhibition related to the history of Redditch at Forge Mill Needle Museum which we have reprised in part at other events where we have been present. In these exhibitions we have encompassed the history of our town, Redditch in WW2, Redditch industry and Redditch people. Activities The society publishes a monthly newsletter which contains meeting and event reports, news and other activities. The current newsletter, and all back editions, can be accessed on line at the society’s web site at Newsletter As a local community group, the Redditch History Society is committed to supporting community activities. We are therefore present at some Outside Events.