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Redditch Local History Society

The Redditch Local History Society was formed by Anthony Green and Derek Coombes in December 2009 with the aim of creating a nucleus for local residents interested in the history of the area.

We began with a total of six members and Derek is currently the Chairman and Anthony the Secretary although it actually started the other way around.

The current membership is around 50 and we have monthly meetings with speakers, are present at all major events and have an annual local history exhibition at Forge Mill Needle Museum and Redditch Library.

At the time the Society was formed, Anthony already had personal sites www.redditchhistory.com and www.alcadhistory.org.uk which, over time, have continued to expand.

For the Redditch Local History Society, the founders agreed to create the www.redditchhistorysociety.org.uk and www.RLHS.org.uk  web addresses. These are used for information about the Society and our programme of events.

Over the following years, Derek, who is very interested in preserving archives, developed a personal site www.redditchheritage.org.uk, where he made available Society archives, personally obtained archives and newsletters and documents, including our monthly newsletter which he edits and produces. This has grown to a large site full of useful local history information but navigation has become difficult.

Derek is currently working on re-creating this as a virtual museum for the town but, as you can imagine, this is a major task which will take some time.

Anthony has personal interest is making existing information available to the public and created a new site to add to his other personal sites www.redditchwalks.org.uk   where he has created walks which allow residents to see the amazing history of the town which is still all around us. This is constantly evolving.

There are, of course, many other members who put in significant work supporting the activities and organisation of the Society to create our success within the local community. Without this support the History Society would not exist.

The Redditch Local History Society continues as a vibrant and active group operating within the wide range of activities offered within borough of Redditch.

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